3D bacterial cellulose sccaffolds  
   Bacterial cellulose hydrogels of macroscopic dimensions are being extensively studied at InteLAB. We have succesfully produced bodies of up to 200 mL, with several composites and internal structures. The pictures at the left show untreated "cocoons", the basic starting point of our novel products.  

The Integrated Technologies Laboratory (InteLAB) is located on the beautiful Island of Santa Catarina, in the Brazilian southern city of Florianópolis, capital of the State of Santa CatarinaBrazil.

We are committed to do our best for the development of science and engineering, assuming a holistic view of actual problems that might benefit from engineering principles and scientific knowledge.

InteLAB is part of the Chemical & Food Engineering Department (EQA) infrastructure, the Graduate Program of Chemical Engineering (Pós-ENQ), at the Technological Center (CTC) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

Most people working at InteLAB are also part of the Genomic Engineering Group.

   Genomic Engineering Group
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